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Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and neuropsychologist, I offer in-office consultations and teleconsultations.


My clinic specializes in the care of teenagers (14 - 18)  and adults, their cognitive functioning, psychopathologies and specificities of development (ADHD and ASD former Asperger's syndrome).


The therapies are integrative, using tools that have scientifically demonstrated their effectiveness among existing approaches, respecting the ethical and empirical principles of psychosocial rehabilitation and evidence-based practice (EBP).


Integrative psychotherapy and psychoeducation

Approaches used allowing follow-up or ad hoc support adapted to each patient:


- neuropsychology (metacognition);

- emotional-cognitive-behavioral therapy (ECBT);

- dialectical behavior therapy (DBT, emotional regulation);

- acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT);

- full awareness/mindfulness (MBCT);

- schema therapy;

- brief solution-oriented therapies;

- therapy of existential and humanist inspiration.


I can support you on the following subjects: a feeling of ill-being, relational and communication difficulties, self-esteem, emotional regulation, stress management, anxiety, mood disorders, OCDs, eating disorders, phobias, cognitive disorders, etc.

Following a psychiatric diagnosis or to better understand your disorder, you can make an appointment via the form specifying your request. For many issues, becoming an expert in functioning improves the perceived quality of life. It is psychoeducation.

Cognitive remediation

In the context of a psychopathology or neurodegenerative pathology, it is recommended to train the impacted cognitive functions and to put in place strategies to compensate for some of them. These approaches make it possible to optimize its resourcess preserved, improve those that are impacted and provide tools to improve daily life. It's cognitive remediation and metacognition

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