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About me

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in Neuropsychology ​

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and neuropsychologist, I specialize in understanding how the brain works in relation to emotions, thoughts and behaviors. I welcome adults for specific difficulties or a more in-depth follow-up. The psychotherapies offered are based on neuropsychology, recent advances in neuroscience, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies (CBT and ACT) and mindfulness (MBCT), therapeutic tools that have best scientifically demonstrated their effectiveness among existing therapeutic approaches. I also offer metacognitive remediation sessions and psycho-education sessions.


My background is varied and enriched by several areas. I initially undertook a double course of translation/communications and LLCER English-Spanish Masters degree (languages literatures and foreign civilizations). After these trainings, I deepened my expertise with a Specialized Masters at ESC Toulouse in Marketing/Communication. I worked as a multilingual communications officer (English, Spanish, Swedish, French).


I then wanted to reinforce an interest already present for science in general and Research and the psychology/social sciences in particular. As such, I set up on my own as a translator specializing in these fields and at the same time I undertook studies in psychology. I was able to acquire a double competence in clinical psychology, psychopathologies and psychotherapies at the University of Paris 8 (Bachelor and Master 1) then in clinical neuropsychology at the ULB / University of Brussels (Masters 1 and 2). After experiences in hospital structures (adult psychiatry at the Albert Chenevier Hospital, child psychiatry at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital and neurological rehabilitation at the Brugmann Hospital in Brussels), I now work in a private practice and Doctolib teleconsultation at Boulogne-Billancourt and offer consultations via Skype/Signal to French expatriates. Consultations are offered in French and English.


Photographie du praticien lors d'un événement professionnel
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