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Elisa Coen

Clinical Psychologist and Integrative Psychotherapist Neuropsychologist

Online and in office​

English speaking psychologist in Paris

ECBT (Emotional-cognitive-behavioral therapy)

ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy)

DBT (Dialectical-behavioral therapy)

MBCT (Mindfulness-based cognitive-therapy)

Young's Schema therapy

Humanistic and existential therapeutic approaches.

​I can help you if you experience a general feeling of sadness, relationship or communication issues, or need help regarding self-esteem, emotional regulation, stress management, anxiety, OCD, phobias, mood disorders, eating disorders, grief, sleep disorders, chronic pain, cognitive disorders. ​

Master 1 and 2 Neuropsychology and Cognitive Development (University of Brussels)
Bachelor and Master 1 Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapies (University of Paris VIII)

ADELI : 929336113

RPPS : 10009013938


 Vincent, 33 ans

"J'ai consulté Elisa Coen suite à des difficultés professionnelles et j'ai pu affronter de nouveaux défis et apprendre à gérer mon stress qui me bloquait depuis longtemps. Merci."

Marie, 27 ans

"Madame Coen m'a permis de transformer ma manière de me voir et j'ai pu gagner en confiance en moi. Je gère beaucoup mieux mes émotions !"

Sylvie, 42 ans

"J'ai pris rendez-vous pour une perte de sens dans mes activités quotidiennes qui impactait trop mes relations personnelles. J'ai pu faire face à des schémas de pensées et me recentrer sur une meilleure acceptation au présent."

For who ?

Do you feel tired, do not know how to deal with difficult situations, or simply feel the need to be guided to achieve daily well-being? 

Do not hesitate to make an appointment for an initial consultation in order to put your thoughts and emotions in order. A session can sometimes make it possible to see things more clearly in certain cases and undertaking a follow-up is then a totally personal decision. 

A first consultation does not commit you to therapeutic work. If you want to follow up afterwards, there is no commitment to the rhythm. You decide according to your needs, your availability and your current means. 

Psychotherapy is a benevolent, non-judgmental setting where confidentiality is respected.

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